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Gift Certificate Information and Requests:

If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate over the Internet, please send us the following information via email at, or call us at (402) 371 - 4667, and we would be happy to send you, or the recipient the special gift of Massage. You may pick any service from our treatments available, or simply choose a specific dollar amount for the recipient so they have the option to choose the service that suits them.

Information Needed:

Certificate To:____________________________________________________________________________

Certificate From:__________________________________________________________________________

Choice of Service(s):______________________________________________________________________

Total Dollar Amount:______________________________________________________________________

Certificate Destination:_____________________________________________________________________

  • Please mail certificate to my home.
  • Please mail certificate to recipient.
  • I will pick certificate up at Body Kneads.
Address of Destination:



State: Zip:

Phone #:

Thank you for thinking of Body Kneads

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